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Birthdate:Aug 24
Selena is a Cupid. Unlike the myths, Cupid was a term for any of the demigods that meddled in love, not just Aphrodite's son. She used to use a bow, back when such things were common place. Though the bow was all for show, really. Gods don't need to actually pierce you with things to work magic on you, after all.

In the present day, she owns a match making business and website. Honestly, she finds present day so much easier, though she does miss the actual worship of the gods she calls family. (Greek in origin, not Roman)

Like all gods, she has superior strength and healing. She's also not as patient as you might think despite the centuries she's had to live. She can be fairly quick to anger, when someone really gets under her skin.

As well, she has no real preference on who she sleeps with. To her, sex and pleasure are wonderful things to share whether it's with another woman or a man.

[Mun and muse are 20+. Selena is an original character based loosely on Greek mythology. Laura Vandervoort is just the PB.]
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